How to recover & restore .pst file infected by TeslaCrypt (.vvv extension) ransomware

TeslaCrypt (.vvv extension)My computer system has been infected by TeslaCrypt (.vvv extension) ransomware. I am finding all files with additional .vvv file extension such as xyz.docx.vvv, xyz.xlsx.vvv, .pst.vvv etc. It has also encrypted very important emails stored in Outlook data file PST (.pst). Outlook does not recognize these files and can not open in their regular format. With file encryption I am also finding ransom notes in every folder. According to the ransom note, I can only get back my files if I fulfill ransom demand. How can I remove TeslaCrypt (.vvv extension) ransomware infection on my computer? Could I restore encrypted files with .vvv extension without payment of ransom? Or should I trust TeslaCrypt (.vvv extension) ransomware developers, that they must provide decryption solution after receiving ransom?

About TeslaCrypt (.vvv extension) Ransomware

The newly released variant of TeslaCrypt 3.0 Ransomware uses .vvv extension after file encryption on compromised computer. It uses RSA- 2048 and AES file encryption algorithm with public and private keys. Users on infected computer with file encryption needs private keys to decode files and restore them in original format. The ransomware ask users to pay certain amount in order to get private keys to decrypt files. It is utter foolish to trust cyber criminals to provide decryption keys after making payment of ransom on their own conditions. TeslaCrypt (.vvv extension) Ransomware instruct users via ransom note “how_recover+abc.html” and “how_recover+abc.txt.”.

How TeslaCrypt (.vvv extension) Ransomware Spreads

TeslaCrypt (.vvv extension) ransomware spreads usually via Spam emails with attachment files but it also employ common malware infiltration techniques such as:

According to the security researchers and latest reports of victims, TeslaCrypt (.vvv extension) Ransomware virus can infect your computer by employing many deceptive methods. Till now mostly victims get this malicious infection on their computer by opening of misleading email file attachment. The malicious email pretends like a message received from Taxation department, payment invoice from any well known organization etc. When the user click on these attachment files then, it ask to enable Macro or run a JavaScript on victims computer and activate TeslaCrypt (.vvv extension) Ransomware in the background. The ransomware program can also infect online computers if the user visited compromised websites with this ransomware or click a link on instant chat app messages that contains ransomware infection.

What You Should You Do After TeslaCrypt File Encryption

It is not possible to decrypt files without TeslaCrypt RSA private key which belongs to your infection ID. After file encryption on your targeted computer, TeslaCrypt ransomware protect private keys on a command and control server monitored by developers of TeslaCrypt. So it is not possible to decrypt files without private keys but you can prevent further encryption and remove TeslaCrypt (.vvv extension) ransomware from your computer. You ca also use alternatives like Data Recovery or Decryption tools to restore files including .pst. In order to reduce the risk of your computer files are encrypted, you need to use good cyber security.

Along with educating yourself, your computer must be aware of and vulnerabilities in the operating system and software, is kept “patch”. We recommend that you follow defensive strategies to prevent future attacks.

  • Install, update and use the anti-virus software – Most forms of extortion are detected by antivirus programs, so it pays to have up to date software on your computer. Check that you have paid for a subscription and / or download the latest virus definition files that help block dangerous downloads.

  • Backup All – It is essential that you regularly make simple backups in case your computer can not be cleaned up, and you need to carry out a system restore or recovery. Note that TeslaCrypt also aims to USB drives or network resources that are attached to the infected computer, so be careful where you store your backups.

  • Update All – Check update bulletins for your computer, and make sure that your system is fully patched against known vulnerabilities. Java and the Adobe ‘helper application’ is a general weakness in many computers, too.

  • Regular Back-ups – If you do not operate the network, no matter how small, to consider employees to restrict access to network drives and confidential files. Double-check your backup process really works and can not be infected through a network. If patching is individual employees, make time to check the machines are working double anti virus software and up to date.

What should I do if my computer is infected?

If the screen appears TeslaCrypt (.vvv extension) ransomware, it is important to try to limit the impact of file encryption process:

  1. Disconnect your computer from the Internet immediately by removing the power cord or turn off the wireless connection.

  2. Disconnect any USB storage device data or network shares and disable all backup services, you can use the Cloud or other trusted online back-up options.

  3. If you are technically confident, consider the opportunity to explore the registry values ​​for TeslaCrypt and complete the process to remove TeslaCrypt (.vvv extension) ransomware

  4. If you have disabled the virus and cleaned your PC, try to restore the files, or from your own backup process or device or by using shadow copies of volumes available on machines running Windows XP and above.

  5. You can use System Restore if you are sure that the infection has been cleared, or consider contacting a computer expert for assistance for advice.

However there is no known way to get TeslaCrypt (.vvv extension) ransomware secret key without paying ransom or decrypt files without the key. But you can use decryption tool for recovery of your encrypted Out look data (.pst). You can effectively restore Outlook data by the use of PST recovery software and use automatic TeslaCrypt Scanner Tool for effective removal of TeslaCrypt (.vvv extension) ransomware from your computer.

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